Placing an order

To review what is available to purchase simply browse the online product catalog.
When you have arrived at the item you wish to order, click on "Add To Bag" and then decide your requested quantity (maximum 5 pieces for each item).

When your order contains the items quantities you wish to purchase, please login to continue the next step or register if you are the first time to make purchase online. You will then be asked to provide us with your shipping and payment (Credit Card) information.

Once you have paid via credit card your order will be processed online immediately. Once your credit card details are verified by Global Payments, we can pack your order and deliver it to you. This transaction will appear on your bank statement as a payment to L’OCCITANE (FAR EAST) LIMITED.

※The order cannot be revised or canceled once confirmed. However, we shall try checking with the relevant departments regarding your request and contact you again within 3 working days. The shipment might be slightly delayed. Thank you for supporting L'OCCITANE.

Forms of payment
L'OCCITANE website is pleased to accept the following credit cards as forms of payment: AE card, Mastercard and VISA card.
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