Immortelle Collection

After 1 night:

Skin looks rested:90%*
Complexion looks fresher: 93%*

*Consumer test on 30 women

After 28 Nights:

Enhance the benefits of my everyday routine**: 97%

*Consumer test on 30 women

Over 40years Expertise In Natural Origin Ingredients

Immortelle Flower

The helichrysum italicum endemic to Corsica has an unsurpassed quality: its essential oil contains a high concentration of the valuable neryl acetate molecule, that gives it anti-ageing properties. We believe it is therefore crucial to preserve the genetic specificities of this Corsican plant. The seeds used by our producers are certified Corsica Grana (guaranteed 100% Corsican), and come from the wild, four corners of Corsica, for more diversity. It’s like a mini-Corsican territory in our producer’s fields.

100% Organic Immortelle Essential Oil

Helps improve the skin's ability to fight the effects of environmental aggressions, which are known to accelerate skin aging.

Sap-like Immortelle Extract

Captured thanks to a Bio-Inspired plant technology mimicking sap, it helps soothe skin & boost its recovery from daily stress

Marjoram Extract

Helps to reawaken the skin

Acmella Extract

Natural alternative to botox. It helps to smooth skin quickly

Increase Absorption of Skincare Products

Immortelle Precious Collection

Added Immortelle antioxidant superbomb (Immortelle essential oil and Immortelle anti-blue-light extract), Pores-tightening Lentil extract and Re-plumping hyaluronic acid.

Immortelle Divine Cream

Gathered in the Immortelle Divine Youth Cream, which has 6 patents pending. This cashmere-soft texture cream helps to correct the 7 main signs of aging: wrinkles, firmness, skin density.

Divine Harmony Collection

The ultimate face care combatant - Immortelle Divine Harmony is a supreme anti-ageing skincare collection created to fight deep set wrinkles, lack of radiance and loss of firmness to facial contour. Improves facial contours & definition, and enhances luminosity.

Respecting Biodiversity

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Reducing Waste

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MEGA Beauty Empties Recycle Program

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