Artichoke Collection

Regain lightness with our expert body care - Artichoke Collection.

Known for its fat-digesting, diuretic, and cholesterol-fighting properties, Artichoke eases digestion, improves intestinal comfort and helps with bloating while also improving micro-circulation. Your skin remains plump and regains its natural elasticity. Used in conjunction, our Artichoke collection purifies, detoxifies, and moisturises the skin to accentuate your silhouette.

Artichoke Massage Cream

Moisturing & Anti-Water Retention

Artichoke Massage Cream is an expert body moisturiser that firms-up the skin and provides up to 8 hours of hydration. Combined with massage, it also helps reduces swollen and heavy leg sensation.

97% found skin instantly moisturised and nourished*

Artichoke Massage Cream

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Artichoke Warming Body Scrub

Firming & Detoxifying

An expert body scrub to gently exfoliate and promote cellular renewal, whilst improving skin’s firmness.

90% said skin feels instantly toned-up*

Artichoke Body Scrub

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How To Maximise Your Body Care Routine

Artichoke Ingredient

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