Reine Blanche White Infusion Serum

Help to hydrate and illuminate skin, to visibly reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone and to refine skin's texture.
  • France Made
    in France
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  • Reference: 38WS030A18
Enriched with Meadowsweet flower extract from Provence, known for its illuminating properties, the White Infusion Serum is designed to improve 4 aspects of perfectly white skin. With daily use, it contributes to:
1. Reveal plumped with moisture and translucent skin
2. Visibly whiten skin tone and enhance light reflection from the skin
3. Visibly reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone such as dark spots
4. Smooth skin relief for refined skin texture and flawless skin appearance

Progressively, skin looks as if infused with new whiteness.
L'OCCITANE created a Reine Blanche Complex, a patented powerful complex for boosting luminosity and epidermal renewal. This innovative complex lies at the heart of the new Reine Blanche Illuminating Program, specially developed for Asian women. It is clinically proven to recover skin’s natural translucency and inner light.   READ MORE ABOUT THE COMPLETE WHITENING CARE Reine Blanche