Verbena Limited Collection

Explore the trending Verbena Limited Collection, Its fresh and sparkling scent has lemony herb notes that are just prefect for the summer.


Made with Organic Verbena from our Producer’s fields in Provence. The lemony freshness you’ll smell and feel comes solely from the type and quality of Verbena we harvest.

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With added Lemon and Grapefruit extract, this range is a real cocktail of energy, combining the freshness of Verbena with the vitality of Citrus Fruit.

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L’OCCITANE X Ayumi Takahashi

Come & Chill

This summer, L’OCCITANE was drawn to Japanese illustrator Ayumi Takahashi who is known best for her vibrant, borderless and cross-culture design. In her illustration for VERBENA, Ayumi celebrates the dynamism and the colors of L’OCCITANE in Provence, typical Provençale accessories and traditions such as hats, wicker baskets, the sun and napping, and, very dear to our hearts, our commitment to biodiversity by representing the green oasis that is the Verbena field in Jouques with various butterflies and flowers.

Verbena: a Provençal icon

Lemon Verbena or Lemon-scented Verbena, is the variety named after the particular scent of citrus she releases when touched. You’ll also smell a fresh, green and woody scent, making her as energizing as she is soothing. Historically, verbena is found everywhere in Provençal markets, her freshness welcomed in the summer heat.