Introducing The Shea Baby Range

We’ve developed the Shea baby range to be extra gentle on baby’s sensitive skin so you can nourish and pamper your baby’s skin while making every moment of skin-to-skin bonding time last. Shea is a multitalented ingredient that also strengthens baby’s natural skin barrier to protect against dryness, so their skin stays smooth, soft, and healthy.

Thoroughly Tested Formulas

All products have been tested under paediatric supervision, and has been rigorously formulated to be as safe as possible for baby’s skin

Shea Butter

A naturally derived ingredient that will leave your baby's skin clean, fresh and soft

Gentle on Baby's Delicate Skin

A gentle and delicately scented range that is suitable for 3 months old or above

Nourish Every Touch

Products that Pamper

The simple design and soft pastel colors evoke the gentle action of the formulas, while charming little details and personalization options make them perfect gifts. Each one is bursting with naturally derived ingredients and each one is pure pleasure for both the skin and the senses !