Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars

Exfoliates and softens skin. With shea butter (5%) and honey from Provence.

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Inspiration from Provence


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Melting Honey Exfoliating Sugars


This body scrub uses sugar crystals and finely ground nutshells to gently and effectively exfoliate, while enveloping the skin in the delicious scent of melting honey. It helps to remove dead cells and leaves the skin smooth and silky, thanks to its formula enriched with shea butter (5%) and honey from Provence.


Already in love with shea butter? Then you'll be delighted to know L'OCCITANE has added a drop of creamy honey to your favourite care. Step into a world of tenderness with this new limited editon, which pairs together two extraordinary ingredients to help nourish, smooth and soothe the skin. Shea & Honey


Extract of honeyShea butterGround nut shellsSugar


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