Lavender Collection

White Lavender

White Lavender Collection

Lavender is currently under threat from climate change, but by growing and harvesting it, we are also supporting new, cutting-edge techniques to protect it. One way to preserve it was to fund a program carried out by the Lavender Endowment​.
Fund, seeking to select varieties of lavender that are more resilient to climate change and disease. Two new types of fine lavender were created, referred as White Lavender in our product range. It is the result of seven years of research and symbolises our long-term effort and investment to our beloved lavender. We also protect the bees and allow them to escape before every harvest so they can continue to pollinate. After all, the future of the fields depends on them. Known for its soothing and relaxing benefits, this flower has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries.



Lavender was one of the first flowers used by our founder, Olivier Baussan. Its unique fragrance has become an aromatic tribute to Provence, earning the nickname “blue gold” from locals. To honour our roots, we use lavender sourced from farmers cooperatives in Provence.