Immortelle Divine Collection

Immortelle Divine Collection

Immortelle Divine collection is formulated with our breakthrough immortelle Super Extract, a 100% natural retinol alternative. With 5 patents pending, helps you to fights against visible signs of aging and helps to revive skin's youthfulness and luminosity.

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Our Immortelle Divine Products

Need a Boost?

Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum will leave you with skin that looks rested, fresh, more youthful and radiant. This extraordinary serum suits all skin types, and works in combination with divine face care serum.


The Power to Turn Back Time

Our Divine Immortelle range brings together pleasure and effectiveness. Its powerful combination fights visible signs of aging, giving skin the youthful, radiant glow you've always wanted.

We support family farms

We support family farms so that they can grow in a sustainable and lasting manner to protect the environment. This includes signing non exclusive contracts that allow our producers to keep their independence (so they can also diversify) and providing technical support. We have also established up to 15-year relationship with our producers in Corsica to ensure that organic methods are used for planting, and the pollution to farmland and the environment is greatly reduced.


Retinol-like benefits, no retinol required. After decades of research and natural ingredient expertise, L’OCCITANE has finally unlocked this breakthrough ingredient from the everlasting Immortelle flower that gives the same anti-aging benefits as retinol, without causing the same sensitivity to your skin. With the Immortelle Super Extract, powerful anti-aging can now also be amazingly gentle on your skin!