Essential Oil Expert

Over 40-year expertise in Essential Oil

It all began from distilling rosemary essential oil by L'OCCITANE founder Olivier Baussan in the markets of Provence in 1976. He expanded his production from oils to soaps to creams, to bring natural beauty to homes across the world.

Professional Blend of Essential Oils with Natural Ingredients

L'OCCITANE has been using the key principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to develop formulas for more than 40 years, perfectly combines essential oils with natural ingredients, to offer products that have pleasant textures and proven efficiency.

Wide Variety of High Quality Oil-based Products

L'OCCITANE continuously innovates and improves to offer a wide variety of high quality oil-based products for hair, face and body care, together with moments of well-being.

For Face

For Body

For Hair