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Let share your experience and thoughts on your favorite L’Occitane products on our official website. After sharing, you will receive a 【HK$100 Promo Code*】!  This event runs from now until 31st August, 2023. 

STEP 1Write a review

Go to the page of your favorite product, click 【Write comments】, enter your nickname and email (must be the same as L’Occitane membership system in order to receive the promo code via email), and share your experience and thoughts. 

STEP 2Get the discount code

After writing a review, a confirmation message and a【 HK$100 Promo Code* 】 will appear on the screen. 

Write a review

Share your review for Almond Shower Oil

Please keep a record of the promo code and use it while shopping on our official website.

Share your review for Almond Shower Oil

​L'Occitane reserves the right to review and publish product reviews on the product page.

*Only VIP is eligible to enjoy $100 promo code on the purchase of Almond body care range and Immortelle face care range products, each VIP can only enjoy the promo code once. The promo code is valid until 31st August, 2023 and cannot be reissued or used in conjunction with any other promotions. L'Occitane reserves the right to modify the event details.  


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