Cherry Blossom Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette

A fresh, soft, floral eau de toilette whose green and floral notes transport you, as if in a dream, to the shade of a cherry tree in bloom.
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Inspiration from Provence


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Cherry Blossom Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette


Like something from a daydream, a cherry tree in bloom stands against the sky. Leaves and flowers interlace and intertwine, forming an exquisite, fresh and delicate motif.
Inspired by this breathtaking scene, the Cherry Blossom Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette is a fresh, floral fragrance, whose tender green notes reveal the enchanting radiance of spring's most beautiful flower.
Contains Luberon Cherry Blossom floral water and Cherry extract.


During springtime in Provence, cherry trees bloom and create a magical landscape of light pink flowers. L'OCCITANE's best-selling fresh and floral fragrance collection celebrates the poetic beauty of Cherry Blossom and its delicate flowers during the first days of spring. READ MORE ABOUT CHERRY BLOSSOM > Cherry Blossom