Signature Treatments


From one land of the South to another, beauty secrets grow in the fields.

Immortelle from Corsica, Shea butter from Burkina Faso, Lavender from Provence, the lands and rituals of the South nurture the L’OCCITANE treatments.

L’OCCITANE Spa offers an ample choice of expert facials, body treatments and massages. There are based on natural ingredients and exclusive ritual 100% hand-performed. 


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Immortelle Divine Secret
HK$1420/ 90mins

The absolute treatment against skin-slackening for face and neck, as well as the décolleté area. This exceptional anti-aging facial combines the regenerating actions of organic Immortelle essential oil, Myrtle essential oil and cellular extracts to boost cellular youth with lifting and contouring massage techniques to help deeply rejuvenate the dermis. The result is divine: deep wrinkles are relaxed, fine lines are smoothed, face contour is firmer and the décolleté becomes smooth and satin-sot again. The skin looks distinctly younger. 

Immortelle Secret of Youth 
HK$ 990/ 75mins

From the L’OCCITANE plantations in Corsica comes a treatment rich in organic Immortelle essential oil to stimulate cell renewal and collage synthesis. The technique: a lifting and firming massage combined with stimulation of acupressure points, to improve microcirculation and relieve muscular tension responsible for fine lines. 

Cedrat Vivifing Skincare – For Men 
HK$ 900/75mins

The Cedrat Vivifying Skincare facial is designed to meet the specific needs of men’s skin. The Cedrat energizing pulp an revitalizing extract are captured in fresh and light textures to awaken tired complexions. Combined with our signature drainage massage sequence, stimulating the microcirculation and promoting the elimination of toxins, this treatment leaves the skin instantly mattified, moisturized and re-energized.  

Signature Shea Nurturing Massage 
HK$ 1350/ 90mins

A collection of our signature techniques to best target individual needs: Relaxing light strokes ease stress, deep tissue pressure release muscular tension, revitalizing strokes and hot stones boost energy. Combined with the nourishing and repairing properties of Shea butter, this unique sequence leaves skin soft and body deeply replenished! 
Ideal for those who want to get a first taste of the Spa L’OCCITANE experience. 

Deep Tissue Intense Relief 
HK$ 900/ 60mins

This protocol combines Hawaiian Lomi Lomi acupressure and gentle stretching. A deep-tissue massage and soothing essential oils ease muscular tension, with a focus on the back, shoulders and nape of the neck. Perfect for recuperating after a long journey. 

Relaxing Aromachologie Massage 
HK$ 1280/ 90mins

Swedish effleurage strokes, Chinese acupressure and Balinese massage techniques come together to stimulate circulation and ease tensions. Aromachologie essential oils - lavender, sweet orange, tea tree and geranium – ensure complete relaxation.
The body and mind feel truly calm, sleep can come more easily.