La Collection de Grasse

Introducing La Collection de Grasse, the exclusive fragrance collection that unites the most precious and sometimes unexpected ingredients from lands near and far. Find your signature scent today!

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The story of modern perfumery began in Grasse, an exceptional town in the south of France, rich with vibrant colors and beautiful fragrances. Local growers mastered the art of cultivating delicate flowers such as jasmine, rose and orange blossom. To complement the extraordinary fragrances from Grasse, the most adventurous perfumers traveled overseas to distant lands in search of magnolia, or to Madagascar for vanilla. Thus, the perfumers' palette of scents was enriched and modern perfumery was born. La Collection de Grasse pays tribute to the town of Grasse, in simple bottles made with thick, clear glass, inspired by the traditional perfume bottles of Grasse perfumeries. The ampersand (&), a symbol of unification, represents the union of the precious ingredients from lands near and far.