5 good reasons to get up earlier in the morning

A positive state of mind, increased productivity, personal growth... Getting up with the sun is the true secret to happiness. L'Occitane shares the many benefits of waking up earlier to start the day off right.
By Mélissa Darré

Reason no. 1: Take some time to relax

By setting the alarm clock a few minutes, or even a few hours, earlier, you can add some time to your day to relax. After spending hours stretched out in bed, awaken your senses by applying the blend of Mediterranean essential oils in Aromachologie Revitalizing Roll-On to the nape of your neck, your lower back or the inside of your wrist. Then, enjoy yourself! Take advantage of the time to meditate, read a book, finish watching that box set or finally take up that new hobby that you've been longing to try!  

Reason no. 2: Start exercising

No more excuses! By getting up earlier, you'll have plenty of time to exercise. Before a bike ride, a run or a few crunches, get a head start with the invigorating scent of Aromachologie Revitalizing Shower Gel. Whatever activity you prefer, spending at least 20 minutes on it will release endorphins, the famous happiness hormone. You'll start your day in top form.

Reason no. 3: Take time to pamper yourself

Tired of having only 10 minutes in the bathroom to get ready in the morning? By getting out of bed earlier, you can take time for beauty rituals that are too often rushed. Style your hair, use a face mask or a deep hair treatment, or get a massage. There are a thousand ways to enjoy this time for yourself. Even better, the change in your looks will really boost your mood and self-confidence. In short, little things make big improvements!

Reason no. 4: Take time for a real breakfast

Recognized as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is often overlooked. Instead of gulping down a piece of toast and a cup of coffee, or skipping breakfast and snacking all morning, waking up early gives you time to make breakfast. To get the vitamins you need, plan for a balanced and healthy meal. With oatmeal for carbs, yogurt for protein, and not forgetting a hot drink and some chilled fruit juice, you'll be ready to start the day.  

Reason no. 5: Walk to work

Say goodbye to running for the bus, train or metro. With your new morning routine, you can skip public transport and walk to work in the fresh air. For all or part of your commute, you can take a quiet walk and arrive at the office more relaxed. For a little boost, use Aromachologie Relaxing Essential Oil Blend to sooth away stress. Ready to meet the day's challenges better than anyone, you'll prove that the future belongs to those who get up early.

5 good reasons to get up earlier in the morning
5 good reasons to get up earlier in the morning
L'Occitane shares the many benefits of waking up earlier to start the day off right
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